Emiles French White Clay Soap

Emiles French White Clay Soap(6.9 oz)

Size:   6.9 oz
Brand:   Mode De Vie/global Natural Products
UPC:   787038005022
Product Code:   AD0010

Product Description:

Emile's White Clay soap is crafted in a small town in South of France using methods handed down over five generations . Made with pure vegetable oils ( Palm oil, Copra oil) and a generous amount of French white clay type, well known for its antiseptic benefits and deodorizing effects due to the clay absorbent properties . We add Shea butter to reinforce the moisturizing effect. Biodegradable. no animal tallow, no synthetic colors. Formats: 200Grs / 7.9oz Round. Recommended for fragile to sensitive skin.


Vegetable Oils base (Palm Oil, Coprah Oil), White Clay, Shea Butter, Aromatic Complex.

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