Allirich Garlic W/lecithin

Allirich Garlic W/lecithin(200 caps)

Size:   200 caps
Brand:   Arizona Natural Products
UPC:   046802106007
Product Code:   AN0007

Product Description:

Allirich Garlic with Lecithin is allicin-rich and odor free. Garlic works synergistically with lecithin to mobilize fats in your body. Allirich odorless garlic powder is Certified Allicin-Rich by HPLC testing.

Each softgel capsule provides: 500 mg soya lecithin and 170 mg whole clove garlic.

Suggested Use:

Take two to four softgel capsules daily with meals or a full glass of water. Exclusive cold-blending process assures there is no garlic after-odor following consumption.

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