Calcium Plus Blueberry

Size:   16 oz
Brand:   Buried Treasure
UPC:   016055456785
Product Code:   BU0008

Product Description:

"Did you know calcium alone is not enough? Vitamin D ensures calcium is well absorbed, Magnesium and Boron help convert Vitamin D into usable form, and Zinc and Manganese are important for mineral absorption. This BONE OPTIMIZER synergistic formula of Calcium Citrate plus 9 minerals, Vitamin D, and the addition of Soy Isoflavones provides the elements essential for healthy bones, hair, nails, teeth, and skin."


Vitamin D-3...400IU, Calcium...1,000mg, Iodine...100mcg, Magnesium...500mg, Zinc...15mg, Selenium...50mcg, Manganese...10mg, Chromium...100mcg, Sodium...15mg, Potassium...40mg, Boron...3mg, Silica...75mg, Soy Isoflavones...75mg.

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