Cleanse Lower Bowel

Cleanse Lower Bowel(100 vegicaps)

Size:   100 vegicaps
Brand:   Christopher's Original Formulas
UPC:   084783891017
Product Code:   CO0008

Product Description:

Most people have pounds of old dried fecal matter that is stored in the colon which is toxifying the system and keeping the food from being assimilated. Fen LB is a CORRECTIVE FOOD for the intestinal tract. In bowel movements no two people are alike, and often a person will taper down on the lower bowel tonic over a period of time to one capsule three times daily, then to a single capsule a day--then all of a sudden, the herb is getting to the outside walls of the intestines and breaking loose some of this hard fecal matter, and it goes down the intestines and begins to clog you up. So during your cleansing cycles--when the body is throwing off more of its accumulated wastage, or when the Lower Bowel Tonic is getting to the outside of the intestinal tract and breaking loose some of this hard fecal matter from the walls and with subsequent intestinal congestion--you should remember to accentuate or intensify your use of the Lower Bowel Tonic and take the necessary quantity (up to maybe 8, 10, 15 and even 20 capsules a day) to break it loose; and when that is accomplished, then taper back down again. Most people have pounds of old dried fecal matter that is stored in the colon which is toxifying the system and keeping the food from being assimilated - because of this putrefied condition, most people engorge themselves with many times more food than the actual body requires. In the process they wear out their bodies in trying to get sufficient nutrition and are still always hungry and eating. The clean body is able to normally assimilate the simple food values through the cell structures in the colon instead of being trapped in a maze of waste and inhibited by the hard fecal casing on the intestinal wall, which causes the large part of nutrition to be pushed on and eliminated before it can do any good. When the body is clean your food will be your medicine and your medicine will be your food and you won't need this or nearly as much food. Usage: In most cases, improper diet has caused the peristaltic muscles of most people to quit working, and it will take six to nine months with the aid of the lower bowel tonics for the average individual to clean out the fecal matter and to rebuild the bowel structure sufficiently to have the peristaltic muscles work entirely on their own


Barberry Bark, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Cayenne, Ginger, Lobelia herb and or seeds, Red Raspberry Leaves, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Fennel, Golden Seal Root. All encapsulated products are in a pure 100% vegetable based capsule.

Dosage: Over ninety percent of all diseases and malfunctions of children's bodies (as with adults) stem from the unclean intestinal tract, constipation (Latin constipatio meaning crowding together), with infrequent or difficult evacuation of the feces, retention of the feces, and lack of coordination in the nerve and muscle functions of the colon and bowel

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