Heal Hormonal Changease

Heal Hormonal Changease(2 oz)

Size:   2 oz
Brand:   Christopher's Original Formulas
UPC:   084783498230
Product Code:   CO0068

Product Description:

Heal Hormonal Changease Glycerine Extract 2oz from Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas This is one of Dr. Christopher's most famous formulas. It has been used historically for hormone imbalance. Changease is rich with phyto-sterols, which are plant hormones. The body takes these phyto-sterols and the liver adapts them into a form that the human body can use, based upon the body's need at a particular time. This formula is popular among those experiencing hormone imbalance of any kind, menopause, PMS, etc. This formula is safe and time tested for both females and males. This formula was marketed heavily via Nature's Way, and known as "Change-O-Life". This formula is a Dr. John R. Christopher Original and the 20 year old contract that Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas and Nature's Way had, ended May 1998. Changease formula consists of the following synergistic blend of herbs: Black Cohosh root, Sarsaparilla Root, American Ginseng Root, Licorice Root, False Unicorn Root, Blessed Thistle herb and Squaw vine Herb. This blend of herbs is in a base of pure vegetable glycerine. Heal Hormonal Changease Glycerine Extract 2oz from Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas

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