Silvix3(8 fl oz)

Size:   8 fl oz
Brand:   Naturalcare Products Inc
UPC:   705692346084
Product Code:   NC0036

Product Description:

With immune challenging pollution and free radicals, we need to strengthen our immune defenses! Silvix3 promotes daily immune defense especially during cold weather; does not harm friendly flora; is colorless, odorless, tasteless and chemical free; has no known adverse reactions with medications when used as suggested. This patented silver supplement (10 ppm) is scientifically tested with purified electro-engineered nano silver particles. Add Silvix3 to your daily immune support arsenal and boost your immune defenses! Silvix3 helps support: ? Immune Defense ? Electro-Engineered Nano Silver Particles ? Scientifically Tested


Purified water. No artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives.

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