Boron(100 tabs)

Size:   100 tabs
Brand:   Nature's Way
UPC:   033674411018
Product Code:   NW0683

Product Description:

Helped Maintain Normal Calcium Balance And Estrogen Levels* Boron helps to prevent the loss of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium through the urine. It also helps to maintain proper blood levels of estradiol which is a precursor of estrogen.* Nature's Way boron is a 100% natural trivalent form chelated with amino acids for superior absorption. It contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Nature's Way is committed to providing the highest quality natural supplements available. Every product is formulated with the utmost concern for potency, purity, and effectiveness.


Take one capsule daily with a meal or water.

Supplement Facts
Serving size:
Servings per container:
Amount per
% Daily
Elemental Boron (Trivalent Chelate)3 mg**
**Daily value not established.

Other ingredients: Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Silica

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