Diet Chitosan 250 Mg W/plan

Diet Chitosan 250 Mg W/plan(240 caps)

Size:   240 caps
Brand:   Source Naturals
UPC:   021078012467
Product Code:   SN1246

Product Description:

Diet Chitosan Breakthrough Dietary Fiber 250 mg and 500 mg Chitosan, a fiber derived from chitin in shellfish, is classified as a nondigestible aminopolysaccharide. Chitosan is synthesized by removing acetyl groups from chitin, through a process called deacetylation. Although the mechanism by which chitosan works is still being researched, animal studies have shown that chitosan binds with bile salts in the digestive tract, reduces the absorption of certain dietary fats (like cholesterol and oleic acid), and plays a role in maintaining healthy serum cholesterol levels in laboratory animals. (Results of animal studies may not extrapolate to humans.) When taken as part of the Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss Plan, body fat may be reduced. Supplement Facts for 250 mg classic label Serving Size: 4 capsules Amount %DV Chitosan (minimum 90% Deacetylated Chitin) 1,000 mg Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, allergic to shellfish or taking any medicat


Chitosan (minimum 80% Deacetylated Chitin) 1,000 mg

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