L-tryptophan Powder

L-tryptophan Powder(50 grams)

Size:   50 grams
Brand:   Source Naturals
UPC:   021078019985
Product Code:   SN1998

Product Description:

The essential amino acid l-tryptophan helps support relaxation, restful sleep, and feeling better. It plays a part in the synthesis of both melatonin and serotonin, hormones involved with mood and stress response. l-Tryptophan also supports immune functions because it is the body?s precursor to the kynurenines that regulate immunity. If needed, l-tryptophan converts to niacin in the body, which supports circulation, a healthy nervous system, the metabolism of food, and the production of hydrochloric acid for the digestive system. Source Naturals l-TRYPTOPHAN is extremely pure and is regularly tested to ensure the highest standards of quality

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