Body Bar Deodorant Unscented

Body Bar Deodorant Unscented(4 oz)

Size:   4 oz
Brand:   Tom's Of Maine
UPC:   077326382042
Product Code:   TS0093

Product Description:

Tomís Deodorant Body Bar contains the natural odor-fighting properties of sage and lemongrass to keep you feeling fresh and smelling great. Milled four times for premium quality, our soap contains ingredients from palm and coconut to provide a rich lather that washes off easily.


Soaps of coconut and palm (Coconut and palm oils & soda ash), Sage Extract (Dalmation sage leaves), Rosemary Extract (Rosemary needles), Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C & palm oil), Lemongrass Oil (West Indian lemongrass)

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