Body Bar Deodorant Lemongrass

Body Bar Deodorant Lemongrass(4 oz)

Size:   4 oz
Brand:   Tom's Of Maine
UPC:   077326381045
Product Code:   TS0185

Product Description:

Contains the natural odor-fighting properties of sage and lemongrass to keep you feeling fresh. Dear friends, Tom's Deodorant Soap contains the natural odor-fighting properties of sage and lemongrass to keep you feeling fresh and smelling great. Milled four times for premium quality, our soap contains ingredients from palm and coconut to provide a rich lather that washes off easily. For more than 30 years, Tom's of Maine has been creating natural care products for you and your families. We use only the finest natural ingredients, never test our products on animals, and we never use animal ingredients. Thanks for using our products and please let us know what you think! ~Tom & Kate Chappell What makes this soap natural? Many soaps contain synthetic detergents, animal ingredients (tallow), or artificial fragrances and preservatives. Our vegetable-based soaps are made gentle and effective without these ingredients. Natural color and preservation The deep, rich color of our soaps comes from natural emollients and extracts, not artificial dye. We use a unique blend of rosemary and vitamin C to preserve our soaps, not synthetic preservatives such as EDTA. Natural Fragrance At Tom's of Maine, we don't use synthetic fragrances. Every scent in our natural soaps comes from natural ingredients: the essential oils of herbs and the bright, colorful aromas of flowers and roots. A gentle deodorant soap to keep your whole body feeling fresh You don't need artificial ingredients, heavy perfumes or synthetic bactericides like triclosan to feel and smell fresh after washing. Not when nature provides two effective natural odor-fighting botanicals like sage and lemongrass! We use gentle natural ingredients in our soaps to provide you with a fresh, clean feeling that stays with you. And you'll love the rich, pleasant smelling lather.


Soaps of coconut and palm (coconut and palm oils & soda ash), sage (leaf) extract, rosemary (leaf) extract, ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C and palm oil), and lemongrass oil.

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