Body Bar Clear Unscented

Body Bar Clear Unscented(3.8 oz)

Size:   3.8 oz
Brand:   Tom's Of Maine
UPC:   077326315040
Product Code:   TS0186

Product Description:

Natural Clear Body Bar, Unscented from Tom's of Maine Our natural Clear Body Bar is milled four times for premium quality and lasts longer than other glycerin bars while creating an exceptional lather that rinses away easily. It works with your skin to help it retain its own moisture, cleaning gently and leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed. Ingredients: Ingredient Purpose Source Sodium palmate Cleansing Palm oils and soda ash Sodium cocoate Cleansing Coconut oils and soda ash Water Consistency Maine aquifer Glycerin Moisturizing Vegetable oil Sorbitol Moisturizing and soap clarity Corn syrup Sodium dilinoleate Consistency Pine and other tree oils Stearic acid Cleansing and consistency Vegetable oil Chamomile oil Odor balancing Roman chamomile flowers Sodium gluconate Guard freshness Cornstarch Potassium cocoate Cleansing Coconut oil and potash Potassium stearate Cleansing Coconut oil and potash


Soaps of coconut and palm (coconut and palm oils & soda ash), glycerine (vegetable oil), vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) (soybeans), jojoba (seeds) oil, olive oil, rosemary (leaf) extract, ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C & palm oil), and chamomile oil (Roman chamomile flowers).

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