Graviola 500mg Full Spectrum

Graviola 500mg Full Spectrum(200 vegicaps)

Size:   200 vegicaps
Brand:   Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories
UPC:   838451003925
Product Code:   UI0025

Product Description:

You hold in your hands the finest traditional medicine available on earth. This botanical is a long-standing favorite in South America where it has been empirically selected for its effectiveness over many generations. Only organically cultivated or sustainable wild harvested plants are collected and shipped to their laboratories.

Traditional Ethnobotanical Information
Famous tropical tree renowned for the luxurious growth and vibrant green fruit that tastes like lemon custard. The phyto-chemicals are derived from the leaf which is collected in the Amazon jungle and carefully shade-dried before extraction in their laboratory.


2 capsules, once or twice daily with plenty of water.

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